Alabama Sawyer’s Not So Secret Diary

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3 Great Biodegradable Garbage Bags | Alabama Sawyer

3 Great Biodegradable Garbage Bags

We all know that plastic garbage bags aren’t great for the environment, especially when they go to a landfill and...

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Clare Colors + Alabama Sawyer Woods | Alabama Sawyer

Clare Colors + Alabama Sawyer Woods

Clare brings you a wide variety of gorgeous paint colors and supplies to pick from. While we were looking through their...

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2 Indoor Activities to Help You Beat the Heat | Alabama Sawyer

2 Indoor Activities to Help You Beat the Heat

Are you barely tolerating this midsummer Alabama heat? If you answered ‘yes’, I’m going to recommend some indoor activities to...

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Alabama the Beautiful | Taking Care of Our State | Alabama Sawyer

Alabama the Beautiful | Taking Care of Our State

On April the 29th at Homewood Public Library, there was a conference led by a group of local non profit

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GASP Air Quality Widget | Alabama Sawyer

GASP Air Quality Widget

Here is a brief piece of info on the GASP air quality widget. Their website provides a useful widget that...

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Our Alabama Sawyer Google Reviews | Alabama Sawyer

Our Alabama Sawyer Google Reviews

Type 'Alabama Sawyer' in Google's search bar and you'll find that our store has three 5-star reviews. Two of those reviews...

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Our Etsy Product Reviews | Alabama Sawyer

Our Etsy Product Reviews

If you head over to Alabama Sawyer's Etsy page, you'll see that we have a total of thirty two 5-star reviews.

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Famous in AL: Sloss Furnace | Alabama Sawyer

Famous in AL: Sloss Furnace

Please note that “Famous in AL” is a series of blog posts on famous historical Alabama sites for the purpose...

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What Is ... Carbon Sequestration? | Alabama Sawyer

What Is ... Carbon Sequestration?

The long-term storage of carbon in plants, soils, geologic formations, and the ocean.

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Standard Table Heights | Alabama Sawyer

Standard Table Heights

There are standard table top heights, then there are custom table heights. The height of a custom table will vary...

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Butcher Block Counter Tops | Alabama Sawyer

Butcher Block Counter Tops

Remodelista recently published a blog titled, "Remodeling 101: All About Butcher Block Countertops." 

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Earth Day | Alabama Sawyer

Earth Day

As you may or may not know, today (April 22nd) is Earth Day! If you've been living under a rock,...

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Eco Friendly Ways to Save Money | Alabama Sawyer

Eco Friendly Ways to Save Money

Usually the big misconception about going eco friendly is it requires gratuitous time and money to accomplish.

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Clever Eco Hints for Coffee Shops | Alabama Sawyer

Clever Eco Hints for Coffee Shops

My boss recently visited the The Red Cat Coffee House, and was so impressed by their clever use of uncooked spaghetti coffee...

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Leigh and Velma's Spring Break (2019) | Alabama Sawyer

Leigh and Velma's Spring Break (2019)

I am heading through the Smokey Mountains from Asheville, NC with my daughter, Velma, who is in the back seat.

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What is... ASID and AIA? | Alabama Sawyer

What is... ASID and AIA?

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) aims to "advance the interior design profession" and give interior designers certain tools and...

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3 Ways to Celebrate 'Keep America Beautiful' Month | Alabama Sawyer

3 Ways to Celebrate 'Keep America Beautiful' Month

April is 'Keep America Beautiful' month! One excellent way to celebrate would be to participate in the trash tag challenge...

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Our 5 Most Popular Species of Wood | Alabama Sawyer

Our 5 Most Popular Species of Wood

The dark brown wood is strong with a handsome grain and polishes easily. Rich, flavorful nuts taste delicious fresh and...

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The Old 280 Boogie | Alabama Sawyer

The Old 280 Boogie

The Old 280 Boogie is a concert and multicultural event that takes place annually along, you guessed it, highway 280.

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How to be Eco Friendly in the Kitchen | Alabama Sawyer

How to be Eco Friendly in the Kitchen

At Alabama Sawyer, we want you to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Here are some tips on how to...

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4 Types of Shelving Systems | Alabama Sawyer

4 Types of Shelving Systems

The fixed bracket shelving system is also referred to as suspension shelving. Brackets may come in wood or metal and are attached directly...

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Interior Design Considerations that Facilitate Focus | Alabama Sawyer

Interior Design Considerations that Facilitate Focus

First thing's first. Let's talk about the psychology of color, specifically the colors that tend to facilitate focus & concentration. Green tends...

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