Interview with Leigh Spencer

Interview with Leigh Spencer | Alabama Sawyer

November 25, 2019

I got the opportunity to sit down and chat with Leigh Spencer, who is responsible for running the business side of things here at Alabama Sawyer. Essentially, she does everything except making the furniture itself. Leigh's background is in graphic design.


Who are some of your biggest design icons?

I love Modigliani. I love Marc Kruger. And I love Manet. -laughs- They are all pretty different. I think in terms of interior design, I like stuff that’s more California casual eclectic. I think Reath design is amazing, and has an amazing aesthetic. 

I love Stahl + Band, which is in Venice, they have a beautiful store. I think that Kaf Home is uniquely feminine and really interesting. As far as graphic design goes… I’m more interested in graphic design as how it relates to the brand itself. Like the photography with East Fork Pottery. I really like Letterpress, things that are tactile and colorful vs like… design that’s all white. 

Do you have a dream project?

As far as dream project goes… hmmm. Well I really like working with interior designers to figure out a certain look. But there also has to be a need, and there has to be parameters that help you be more creative. I don’t know if I could say what a dream project could be because it’s kind of hard for me to see. There’s always a customer, a need. Creativity can come from those parameters. 

Well thank you for taking the time to speak with me, I appreciate it.

Yeah! Anytime.


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