Great Gift Ideas For Your Wooden Wedding Anniversary

by guest blogger, Ali Croston

Five years of marriage is definitely something to be celebrated. For each milestone year, there is a different material or item that is traditionally representative of the time that you have spent together, such as paper for a year and gold for 50 years. Five years is an Alabama Sawyer speciality — wood! Trees and wood are very symbolic when it comes to marriage. The tree represents growth, strength, endurance and setting down roots. It can live for hundreds of years, always adapting and growing, producing fruit, and stretching towards the light. The wood that comes from a tree is both hardy, soft and malleable at the same time. It can compromise and be shaped to make the most beautiful objects. For your upcoming wedding anniversary, choose something made of wood that your loved one will treasure forever. 

A handcrafted ice bucket 

A beautiful ice bucket is something that will make any meal together special. They are crafted from either Cherry or White Oak. The cherry tree represents sweetness, innocence, and purity. The tree’s beautiful white and pink blossoms arrive in spring, but stay so briefly. They are a reminder to make the most of every moment that we have in life. The White Oak is symbolic of calmness and peace, as well as representing strength, stability, and safety. An ice bucket made from one of these woods is a beautiful item to help keep your white wine, prosecco, or even champagne wonderfully cold. You can even cook your spouse a favorite meal to share together while enjoying a glass of something fizzy. This gift will remind you of the precious time that you have with one another. 

A Welsh lovespoon

A Welsh lovespoon is a traditional gift to give your loved one that is rich in history. It is particularly significant if you and your spouse have Celtic heritage. The lovespoon is carved out of a single piece of wood and incorporates different symbols into the handle. It was given by a man to his loved one as a promise of affection and devotion, especially if he was going away on a long journey. It is something to be treasured and kept. A lock represents security, a cross for faith, a heart for love and a wheel for eternity. The earliest example of a lovespoon is at St. Fagans Natural History Museum and dates back to the 1600s. 

A walnut bread box

Bread — so simple, yet so delicious. A warm, crusty loaf can be shared together and even elevated to a feast, when it is dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar, or spread with a salty herb butter. A walnut bread box would make a wonderful gift for a fifth wedding anniversary. The walnut tree is a symbol of intelligence, strength, inspiration and knowledge. In fact, Native Americans see it as a symbol of gathering energy and beginning a new project or chapter in your life. The wood is warm, dark, and very tactile.  

For your fifth wedding anniversary, choose a gift made of wood that will have meaning to both of you. It is a symbolic present that your loved one will want to treasure in the years to come. 

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