Urban Wood's Unique Personality & Sustainability

Urban Wood's Unique Personality & Sustainability | Alabama Sawyer

February 10, 2020

At least part of the reason we use urban wood is because of its unique personality and look. It has knots, burls, and insect holes. It’s unpredictable, yet still beautiful. The grain patterns tend to vary, which consumers love. 

This closeup of urban wood grain shows a sample with several holes.

Another reason we love urban wood is sustainability. We make products using trees that would otherwise rot in a landfill. By creating products using these trees, we prevent the release of carbon into the atmosphere that would take place as the tree decays. Specifically, the tendency of wood to store carbon is referred to as carbon sequestration.

If you're wondering where we get them, our trees come from Alabamian municipalities, businesses, and homeowners. Maybe a storm knocked over a hackberry in someone's backyard. Maybe an old pecan tree outside of a restaurant finally came down. Maybe a red oak had to be removed due to disease. Whatever the case may be, we rescue trees that would end up decaying in a garbage dump.