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Alasaw is the team that mills our wood.

There are three options for tree concierge.

  • We take the logs off your hands. You know it’s going to good use. 

  • We mill the tree at our facility, into lumber for your use through various stages of processing. Each step takes time. You choose how much we do.

  • We manage the entire process from tree to table. This full service option covers milling at our facility, drying and making products from your logs, “Tree Concierge.”

Site Consultation

Have us walk the site, before the trees come down. We can identify and measure the trees to get a more accurate projection of what the trees might yield and give suggestions on what the logs would best be used for.

Need a Tree Service? We don't take the tree down—it's a whole other art and set of tools—but we work closely with local companies. Here's a list

Wondering how much wood you will get from your log? Try this Doyle Scale.

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