Instead of letting trees waste in a landfill, we gather them from municipalities, businesses and homeowners to give them a second life. Over 90% of our materials come from Alabama.


Trees are transported to our facility in Birmingham where skilled technicians cut the wood into slabs and dimensional lumber. Our craftsmen control the entire field-to-studio process to guarantee quality.


Wood is placed in a stack, called a boule, for at least  six months to begin the drying process. Once 70% of the water has evaporated from the wood, we place the stack in a kiln for three to six months to finish drying.


Dry wood is brought to our wood shop in MAKEbhm where we begin turning the slab into a piece of furniture or unique home accessory. Each slab is reimagined by our design team depending on size and wood type.


Our lead time is generally eight to twelve weeks, but may vary by workload and project size. We do not deliver or install, but will work with you to find the right company for your piece.


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