Run by its founders, Cliff Spencer and Leigh Spencer, Alabama Sawyer, designs modern, environmentally sustainable products from fallen trees in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Since we began, we have diverted hundreds of logs from the landfill by transforming them into award-winning furniture and products for homes and businesses.

Alabama Sawyer mills urban timber, beautiful, old trees that have fallen from storms, been displaced by development or that are otherwise headed for the landfill or a fireplace. Our expert craftspeople transform these otherwise forgotten trees into elegant furniture, architectural elements and objects, obsessively crafted to delight and to endure.

Our pieces come from urban timber, rather than farmed wood, so every piece has distinctive characteristics in color and grain. The organic beauty and fine craftsmanship of our furniture adds to the sustainable and eco-friendly quality.

We make a full line of organic modern dining tables, coffee tables, console tables, side tables. Our rustic beam bench is a nationwide favorite, as is the Noaway Countertop Compost bin. We use all parts of the tree for cutting boards to conference tables.

Made in USA