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Hyo Table | Wood Cube Side Table


Simple and versatile, the Hyo Table is hand crafted from Alabama pine and "burned" using the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban finishing method (plus a little extra sealer.) These are great for indoor and outdoor use and are sturdy enough to use as seating. 

Additional information

Dimension: 20" High

Use the code: "2CUBES" at checkout for $50 off a pair.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for production, if not in stock.

The color is the reaction of burning the pine. There is no stain, so the color may vary. Cracks are part of the rustic beauty of these side tables. If the finish cracks or chips, you may see some pine underneath. This is the nature of natural materials and what our customers tell us they love about having urban wood in their home. This is a living finish. Natural materials and will age over time and with exposure to the elements—the more exposure, the quicker they will age. As with all wood, but especially a large solid volume, expansion and contraction due to temperature variability may occur.