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Narrow Wood Console Table | Spider Table

The Spider table is a narrow wood console table, rustic yet refined with traditional box joints, handcrafted with solid Alabama urban hardwood. The table is made to order and can be custom sized for use in a foyer, hallway or as an end table. The spider table is shown here in walnut and sweet gum. 

Please note "Additional Information" below.

Additional information

Dimensions: Length Variable x 12”D x 36”H

Interested in one that is a little (or a lot) longer? Would you like the height or width just a little different? Customizing sizes and wood species are always an option. Please allow 6-10 weeks for production. Hand cut veneer plywood materials are used for durability and aesthetics in the apron version. Contact us for custom or volume orders.

Urban wood has character. Character can include variations in color and grain, small pin knots, evidence of intrusions. There may be cracks or knots that we fill, patch or join in a considered and artful way. Case by case, one may be more effective and better for the furniture, aesthetically, structurally, and for our process. If a specific tool is not desired, please specify this when ordering. This may require procuring different lumber which can alter costs.