Tree Services in Birmingham

We do not cut or haul trees. We leave that to professional arborists and tree services with the right equipment, certifications and expertise.

Tell them we sent you and can they (please) bring us the logs! 

Ace Tree Service 205-332-7757 :: Adam is a Birmingham ISA Certified Arborist (license # SO-6393A)

Action Tree Service 205-833-0941 :: Owned and operated in Birmingham since 1984 ::

AnA Arborist 205-572-9327 :: They provide tree removal services and will give free quotes within an hour drive of the Birmingham area. Talk to Caleb Anderson. 

Gholsten Tree Service 205-591-8899

Gray's Roofing and Tree Service 205-945-2006 ::  Serving Birmingham, Central Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida. Gil Gray has over 80 employees and 25+ years experience in the tree business.

Tyler Duiguid (sounds like "do good") :: 20 years experience