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Tree Concierge Menu and Instructions


  1. Tell your tree service that your logs need to be delivered to Alabama Sawyer. Make sure it is on your work order and tell us to expect it.
  2. Our mill address 1700 Vanderbilt Road, Birmingham, AL 35234
  3. Logs should be at least 20” in diameter to produce a critical mass of workable material.
  4. We like the logs to be cut longer. 10-12’ is ideal, but if that creates a problem, we can work with shorter. If you want a 6’ table, the logs should be 7’-8’.

Costs and Payment Schedule:

  1. We charge for milling per log and on the Doyle Scale, an industry standard to predict log yield. 
  2. Milling is per board foot or per log, whichever is higher. 
  3. Volume discounts may apply.
  4. If we determine your tree is not millable, because of rot or foreign objects like metal or rocks, we may offer some discount, but costs are incurred regardless of yield.
  5. We charge per board foot for kiln drying. This includes stacking and sticker-ing, air drying the material until it is the correct moisture for the kiln, transporting to and from the kiln. We charge to dry the portion that goes into the kiln. 
  6. After the wood has been dried, if it is not in queue for a project by Alabama Sawyer, please pick it up ASAP or we will charge a storage fee. 
  7. Payment for milling is required before we cut your wood. Payment for kiln drying is charged after kiln drying is complete.
  8. Delivery to home or job site is not included. Once the product is completed, we can determine the best way for you to it. 
  9. We can mill, or mill and dry. The product is rough, ungraded lumber. We can surface your lumber or make a finished piece. Pricing below on furniture projects is rough. We provide a quote, when we know the details of what you want.


Lead time can be 3 - 18 months, depending on project loads and (mostly) weather. The thicker the cut, the longer the wood takes to dry. Wood goes to the kiln, 6-12 months after milling. Kiln drying can take an additional 3-6 months due to kiln schedules and drying time.

A log without direction and payment or other agreement within 90 days is considered donated. The wood belongs to Alasaw and the donor has given up any claim to any finished lumber from the log.


Milling $1 / BF or $300/log
Kiln Drying $2 / BF
Wood Storage $40 / Month / 40 SF
Flooring / Panelling $5 / SF (after milling and drying)
Charcuterie Board $50
Table Top (Counter top)
Sputnik Table
Beam Bench (6' L)
Miyake Bench