White Oak Wood Coffee Table | Reclaimed Wood Benches
White Oak Wood Coffee Table | Reclaimed Wood Urban Wood
White Oak Wood Coffee Table | Reclaimed Wood End Grain
White Oak Wood Coffee Table | Reclaimed Wood Detail
White Oak Wood Coffee Table | Reclaimed Wood Grain
White Oak Wood Coffee Table | Reclaimed Wood Prototype
One of a Kind

White Oak Wood Coffee Table | Reclaimed Wood Bench Set | One of a Kind

Regular price$1,500.00

Wood from the urban forest breeds creativity in the shop and adds to your home. Simple white oak beams are crafted into a rustic coffee table in the study or a screened in porch, or a pair of low narrow seating in an entry area. Create a one-of-a-kind living space with this intriguing coffee table (or bench set.) Add a touch of rustic sophistication to any room in your home. Perfect for lounging in the study, enjoying a cup of coffee on the porch, or providing stylish seating in the entryway. Elevate your home with the natural beauty of urban forest wood.

Cracks add texture, character and interest, and the solid volume design is reveals the honest nature of the tree.

A low sheen, clear urethane finish adds an extra layer of protection to this already durable wood. These pair well with other items from our beam bench collection. These pieces are HEAVY. Please review Additional and Shipping Information below.

Dimensions: 47" L x 11" D (each) x 15" H. Set of Two

Note on Materials: Legs are 1" mild steel and will rust with exposure to water.

Cracks are part of the rustic beauty of these pieces. If the finish cracks or chips, you may see some raw wood underneath. You may notice differences from piece to piece or to images on the website or between samples received. There is no stain on the clear/natural, so the color may vary. This is a quality of natural wood. The knots and cracks that you may see will not cause structural deficiencies as they are an organic aspect of the wood. We view these elements not as flaws, but as reminders of the tree from which each piece is born. Natural materials will age over time and with exposure to the elements—the more exposure, the quicker they will age. Expansion and contraction due to temperature variability may occur. They will age with integrity when cared for appropriately. 

Wood Care: See our FAQs

Lead Time: This is one-of-a-kind and in stock, they ship within 3-5 days from our factory. To inquire about other wood species, base options, a custom size or bulk order, please contact us.

Shipping: All home accessories and small furniture items may be picked up in-store or shipped domestically and internationally via UPS Ground or USPS. Please review additional Shipping information.

Due to the weight and size of this item, please pay careful attention to the type of shipping selected. If you are ordering multiples and prefer a custom quote in regards to stock levels and shipping details, contact us.

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