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Cypress and Glass Vase | Facet Flower Vase LIMITED EDITION


This limited batch of cypress and glass vase from Alabama Sawyer, simple and elegant, makes a thoughtful gift, decorated with a single stem or a composed, multi-floral creation. The facet flower vase is the perfect vessel for color added in a living space, guest room, powder room or kitchen table in every season.

Only 20 made. This small batch of the Facet Flower Vase is a LIMITED EDITION to honor the uniquely discovered stash of salvaged cypress. Each one is actually one of a kind, due to the uniqueness of the wood grain.

Salvaged cypress paired with a delicate custom glass tube creates a strong and modern profile for the wooden vase, while the handmade process and unique and varied grain of urban wood gives a warm and inviting tactile quality.

Additional information

Dimensions: Square 11" H x 3" x 3"

Cypress is known for being strong and light, very durable and highly resistant to decay. Cypress has a light yellowish brown color. No stain is used. We use a clear matte wax.