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You want to save your tree—Thank You!

Tell your tree service that your logs need to be delivered to Alabama Sawyer. Call us. We will call them as well, but need you to let them know and impress upon them that it is important to you, so we do not lose your tree. It is not the tree service's priority, unless you make it clear as early and as many times as possible. 

You need a Tree Service in Birmingham to take down your tree and deliver the log. We do not do that part, but here is a list.

Alasaw Mill Address:

1700 Vanderbilt Road, Birmingham, AL 35234

Preferred Log Size: 

The logs need to be 20" or wider in diameter. Please note, diameter is the measurement across the cross section of the trunk. The measurement around the trunk is a circumference. Of course, you know that, but we get A LOT of reports of trees that are fifteen feet in diameter. That is possible if it's a Sequoia. If you measured the circumference, divide it by π. That’s 3.14. Don't get scared. Use your phone.

For length, 10-12’ is ideal, but if that creates something too heavy for the tree service or any other reason, we can work with what you have. 


We charge for milling based on the Doyle Scale prediction of yield of the log delivered. We charge to kiln dry the portion of the wood that goes in the kiln. See menu below. 

If we determine your tree is not millable (ie. rot) we may be able to offer some discount, but milling is billed and costs are incurred regardless. You may pay for milling that does not yield usable wood.


The Doyle Scale formula for estimated wood yield of a log =((smaller diameter-4)*(smaller diameter-4))*length/16

As an example, a 10’ log that is 24” in diameter will yield 250 board feet of lumber.

((24" - 4)*(24" - 4))*10' / 16 = (20 * 20) * 5 / 8 = 250

Enough math? 

250 board feet is 250 square feet of 1” thick material, or 125 square feet of 2” thick material.

2” thick material is called 8/4 (eight quarter). If you want a table top, 8/4 will finish, after fabrication, into about a 1.5” top. A 10’ log that is 36” in diameter will yield 640 BF. Species, wood condition, alien objects in the wood and other factors may affect yield.


Milling is charged before we cut your wood.
Kiln drying is charged after kiln drying is complete, 6-9 months later. Kiln drying can take an additional 3-6 months due to kiln schedules and drying time. 


We can mill or mill and dry. This results in rough, ungraded lumber. We can also surface the lumber or make you a finished piece. Pricing menu is below. Actual dimensions of logs and yield are needed to confirm estimates.

Home delivery is not included. We help determine the best way for you to get your finished product. 

Timing and turnaround:

Milling takes a few weeks. Milling and drying takes 3 - 18 months. Tree to table process can take 3 - 24 months, depending on scope, species and weather. Thicker cuts take longer to dry.

Dry Cleaner’s Rules:

A log without direction and payment or other agreement within 30 days is considered donated, and the wood belongs to Alasaw and the donator has given up any claim to any finished lumber from the log.

Communication of Status:

We send a quarterly email with status updates of customer wood progress

Milling Menu

 Quarter sawn Dimensional Milling (5/4, 6/4, 8/4) 

 $1 / BF or $300 / log (whichever is more)

 Slab Milling (8/4, 10/4, 12/4)

 $1 / BF or $300 / log (whichever is more)

kiln dry (includes stacking, sticker, storage while air drying, actual kiln charges, transportation to / from kiln)

 $2 / BF

 Blade changes (on Hybrid Milling)

 $150 / change

 stump / round cuts / Misc Milling Labor

 $75 / hour

ongoing storage after kiln
$40 / boule / month

Popular Tree Concierge Products:

This a list of a few option, but anything on our website is fair game for conversation.

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