Modern Wooden Bookshelf with Books
 Modern Wooden Bookshelf in Loft
 Modern Wooden Bookshelf viewed from the front
 Modern Wooden Bookshelf viewed from the front.
 Modern Wooden Bookshelf zoomed in to show grain
 Modern Wooden Bookshelf zoomed in to corner
 Modern Wooden Bookshelf showing bottom shelf
 Modern Wooden Bookshelf showing advanced joining technique
 Modern Wooden Bookshelf shown viewed top to show unique grain
 Modern Wooden Bookshelf viewed from corner
 Modern Wooden Bookshelf viewed from the top
 Modern Wooden Bookshelf walnut grain
Walker Bookcase | Modern Shelving Unit - Alabama Sawyer
 Modern Wooden Bookshelf dimensions
 Modern Wooden Bookshelf dimensions
 Modern Wooden Bookshelf dimensions
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Walker Bookcase | Modern Wooden Bookshelf

Regular price$2,500.00

The beautiful Walker, wooden bookshelf, is a great addition to any room in a house. Both functional and stylish, the unique wood grain of eco-friendly wood is shown off in this modern shelving unit. 

Walker Evans, well known for his landmark collaboration with James Agee, "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men," shot "Roadside Stand Near Birmingham", about a quarter mile from our shop, where the building still stands.

This wooden bookshelf can be use for books in the library, towels and linens in the bathroom or media in the den. Handmade with eco-friendly wood from the urban forest, find the perfect contemporary free-standing bookshelf or display shelf for your home.

Dimensions Shown: 60" L x 40" H x 16" D and 48" L x 18" H x 16" D

Note on Materials: All our products are made with urban wood. Urban wood has character. Character can include variations in color and grain, small pin knots, evidence of intrusions. Due to the natural properties of solid, urban wood, you may notice slight differences from piece to piece or to images on the website or between samples received. The naturally occurring knots and fine cracks that you may see will not cause structural deficiencies as they are an organic aspect of the wood. We view these elements not as flaws, but as reminders of the tree from which each piece is born. There may be cracks or knots that we fill, patch or join in a considered and artful way. One method may be more effective and better for the furniture, aesthetically, structurally, and for our process. If a specific tool is not desired, please specify this when ordering. This may require procuring different lumber which can alter costs. They will age with great integrity when cared for appropriately.

Wood Care: See our FAQs

Lead Time: Made to order. Please allow 8-12 weeks for fabrication. To inquire about a custom or bulk order, please contact us.

Shipping: All furniture items may be picked up in-store or shipped. Shipping time will vary. Please review Shipping information. Due to the weight and size of this item, please pay careful attention to the type of shipping selected. If you are ordering multiples and prefer a custom quote in regards to stock levels and shipping details, contact us.

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