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Magnetic Wooden Knife Holder


Use our Magnetic Wooden Knife Holder for sleek vertical storage! A drawer of knives has obvious drawbacks, and blocks can dull your blades. Skillfully concealed magnets hold your knives against the warm wood grain of our reclaimed urban timber, keeping them sharp and within reach. Our wooden knife holders are made with industrial strength magnets for secure storage.

Each piece of solid walnut, white oak and other unique species features a live edge, the contour left from its previous life as a tree, meaning every one has its own natural beauty.

Additional information

Dimensions: Available in 12, 18 and 24" lengths. 

**Our knife holders are made with industrial strength magnets intended for use with traditional knife blades made from magnetic metals such as stainless and carbon steel.  Some alloys used for knife blades contain low amounts of magnetic material and do not emit enough magnetic force to enable them to cling to the holder through the wood. While we have the utmost confidence in the quality of our knife holder, unfortunately we cannot test each brand of knife on the market for compatibility, so we recommend sticking to predominantly steel bladed knives with this product!

**The magnet on the back side of our knife holders is inlaid across the top portion of the wooden slab, set just beneath the wall hooks.  Please keep this location in mind when placing your knives and other magnetic kitchen implements!

Contact us for customized requests.