limited edition

Cypress and Glass Vase | Facet Flower Vase


Add some sparkle to your floral arrangements with this limited edition Cypress and Glass Vase.  It makes a thoughtful gift, decorated with a single stem or a composed, multi-floral creation. The facet flower vase is the perfect vessel for color added in a living space, guest room, powder room or kitchen table in every season.

Each of this small batch is actually one of a kind, due to the unique wood grain.

Blooms impart a brilliant radiance to your space. The facet vase serves as the ideal showcase for the splendor of both design and wood. Get one before they are all gone!

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Dimensions: 11" H x 3" x 3"

Cypress is known for being strong and light, very durable and highly resistant to decay. Cypress has a light yellowish brown color. No stain is used. We use a clear matte wax.

All our products will show varied coloring and grain, due to the natural properties of solid, urban wood. You may notice slight differences from piece to piece or to images on the website or between samples received. The naturally occurring knots and fine cracks that you may see will not cause structural deficiencies as they are an organic aspect of the wood. We view these elements not as flaws, but as reminders of the tree from which each piece is born. They will age with integrity when cared for appropriately.

Wood Care: See our FAQs

Lead Time: Limited editions are in stock and ship within 1-3 days from our factory until they run out.

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