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Live Edge Round Side Table | Fossil Table


Our fossil tables are a curated mix of a modern organic, live edge round tabletop and hand-turned, Mid-Century Modern legs. We select from our collection of urban lumber treasures and find just the right pieces to make these live edge, round side tables. Use them as a side table or bedside table, or cluster them as a coffee table. They sit beautifully as a contrast to an upholstered chair. We call them fossil tables, because they have an aged look juxtaposed with modern legs. You will see cracks and movement over time. Every fossil table is slightly different. Urban lumber means it is eco-friendly. Expert-craftsmanship makes it tomorrow's heirloom. Fossil tables are made in small batch, numbered editions. This batch if made from light-colored hackberry and a hand-applied white "gulf sand" finish.

Dimensions: (APPROX) 15"D x 20"H

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Alabama Sawyer can customize the species and size to suit. Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time if not in stock.