Product Reviews for Scratch and Dent and Alabama Sawyer Merch and Maintenance

Product Reviews for Scratch and Dent and Alabama Sawyer Merch and Maintenance - Alabama Sawyer

September 13, 2021

Gorgeous, especially after being oiled

Love it.  The length allows it to bridge the small sink in my kitchen island.  It is beautiful and I leave it out as opposed to storing in the cabinet as I did with my old one.  In fact, I would not hesitate to use this board as a serving platter for cheese and meats.  I recommend getting the board oil too - when the board arrived it was a lighter color and after I oiled it it immediately became the darker walnut color I had expected.  Having the oil on hand will remind me to take care of my board like I'm supposed to anyway.  Recommend.


Lori L.


Great product. Thanks


Kirk T.

Amazing product from an amazing company!

I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The entire staff at Alabama Sawyer is so incredibly kind and helpful. I cannot wait to go back!


Patrick G.

Awesome T-shirt

This is just an awesome T-shirt so I wonder if I should purchase a second one.


Regin S.

Cool design and local business

Love Alabama Sawyer and love to talk about them when folks inquire when seeing their log on my shirt!


Kathryn N.


shipped quickly and there was a personalized note 😊


Angie B.

Alasaw Locals T Shirt

Fit and the screen printing quality are perfect.

The shirt makes me cool when I wear it. That’s an achievement because I’m not cool at all.


David J.

Great t-shirt for a great artisan company. Fun to wear and represent this local star in Bham!

Alasaw is an amazing artisan workshop and a great example of the Best of Birmingham. Great t-shirt!


Walton F.

Great accessory to maintain the beauty of the natural wood...

Great accessory to maintain the beauty of the natural wood grain.



I have already applied this all-natural wood polish to...

I have already applied this all-natural wood polish to several of my wood items. It enhances the beautiful wood grain, without leaving a sticky residue. My oldest daughter has allergies and this wood polish does not affect her at all. I highly recommend this product.



I love this stuff it brought my table back to life and it...

I love this stuff it brought my table back to life and it even worked great on my boots



Review for Natural Beeswax Furniture Polish with Eucalyptus

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We know what you are really wondering about... if I go for the scratch and dent? Is it going to look okay? This is what our customers have said...

Looks great!

Thanks. Very nice tray!  Any “flaws” are relatively unnoticeable on the scratch and dent product.


Brad f.

Very nice tray

Well made and shipped fast. Looks nice.


Brad f.

Great value!

The scratches on the item was minor and just adds character.  Nice piece. Thanks.


Brad f.

Love x100

My parents are thrilled with this gift. I researched best construction for bread box and why one would even have one and then I found Alabama Sawyer! Glad to recommend. A+


Melanie P.

Great charcuterie board!

Bought one of Alasawyer’s beautiful kitchen boards as a gift and wanted one for us too. The scratch and dent option was great for our personal board - nice price adjustment and only a slight irregularity. The craftsmanship of these boards will elevate your charcuterie!


Walton F.

PERFECT compost BIN!

works perfectly and looks awesome on our kitchen island!


David M.

Composting Nirvana

This is by far the best counter top composting bin I’ve ever used and have no idea why it was in the scratch-n-dent section. Their quality standards must be waaaaay higher than my own.


Steve D.

Classiest countertop compost collector!

This thing is beautiful. It tucks in perfectly behind my cutting board, ready to collect trimmings and eggshells and fruit peels and all the bits and pieces that come from an active home kitchen. The capacity is sufficiently generous that we don’t need to empty it twice a day (as we did with our previous bin). It’s easy to empty, easy to clean, and, as noted, beautiful. We’re so happy to have discovered Alabama Sawyer!


Victoria B.

Modern, Minimal, Beautiful, Functional

beautifully made and well-fitted, a simple and practical countertop addition for my busy kitchen. whatever defect qualified this little guy, I couldn't find it.


J P M.

2020 Satisfied Customer

Thankful for ability to shop on line for excellent products, fairly priced, and delivered on time during this2020 pandemic.


Faye C.