How to Liven Up Your Living Room with Beautiful Wood Furniture

How to Liven Up Your Living Room with Beautiful Wood Furniture | Alabama Sawyer

October 30, 2019

Using wood furniture in your living room is a great way to liven up the space. As always, you should not simply add wood furniture. You need to consider how to make the space look coordinated and cohesive. Without planning this out, the wood accents may not complement the space. 

Using Wood Feng Shui in Your Living Room 

One great way to add wood to your home is with the Wood Feng Shui birth element. This is best done subtly. You do not want to overdo it or add too much wood to your home. You want to add aesthetically pleasing wood accents to your living room. 

The Wood Feng Shui birth element is for people who are ambitious. It focuses on natural growth at a steady pace. When you use the Wood Feng Shui birth element to decorate your living room, you are encouraging this energy. It is important to keep wood balanced throughout your living room. 

Wood is important because it is yang with a masculine and active energy. It is yin due to its receptive and feminine elements. Wood in Feng Shui is often associated with new beginnings. It has connections to Spring. It is strong and flexible. 

When adding wood furniture to your living room, you should focus on including green and brown colors. As you add wood furniture, you should use little to no warm colors, such as reds, oranges, pinks, and purples. You should also avoid using grays and whites. 

As mentioned, using green is a good idea. For this reason, you should include live plants in your living room. This is another great way to add more life and vibrancy to your living room. Paintings or photos of forests and nature can be excellent accents to the space. 

How to Liven Up Your Living Room with Wood Furniture 

Because wood adds such a vibrant and powerful energy to your home, it is a good idea to find the perfect way to incorporate it. Some people find that using Feng Shui in the home takes a long time to learn. It is important to use Feng Shui correctly to get the full benefits of a balanced home. 

When it comes to adding wood to your space, make sure you only add a few accent wood furniture pieces. With Feng Shui, it is important to maintain a balance between all of the elements. 

You should look for unique and aesthetically-pleasing wood furniture. It is important to look for wood furniture that meets those criteria. It is also important to make sure that the wood furniture you are choosing flows with the rest of your living room. Be sure to consider this as you search for wood furniture for your living room. 

If you have wood flooring, you should make sure that the wood furniture and flooring do not match exactly. If you have light wood floors, use a darker wood for the furniture in your living room. If you have dark wood floors, use a lighter wood for the furniture in your living room. This will help to break up the space and set the pieces apart from each other.

Wood Accents to Add to Your Living Room 

These are some of the wood furniture and decorative items you should consider adding to your living room as a way to liven it up. 

  • Wood statues or figures. Look for unique wood statues to place on a shelf or bookcase. This can be a good way to add a little bit of wood without overdoing it. 
  • Plants. Plants in the home are a great way to add that live wood element. There are few other ways to add live wood to your living room. Bamboo is an excellent choice due to its meaning of luck. 
  • Bamboo chimes. Bamboo chimes can be a beautiful accent to your living room. They have a soothing sound that enhances the Feng Shui element in your living room. 

Wood Furniture to Add to Your Living Room 

When you add wood furniture to your home, be sure to keep it simple. Looking for wood furniture with a minimal style is a good place to start. Adding unique wood furniture also livens up the space. It can add interest to an otherwise simple space. 

Natural wood pieces can help to keep that Feng Shui balance in your living room. Natural wood is very aesthetic. You can find bookcases, coffee tables, and side tables that are available in natural wood. 

Bamboo furniture is also a way that you can create a Wood Feng Shui balance in the living room. It keeps the area clean and bright. Bamboo is durable and sustainable, making it a great choice. 

It is okay to mix and match different types of wood furniture. You can use wood with different colors and finishes as well. This can add some interest to the space. When you are looking for wood furniture, you should avoid trying to match wood colors to each other. They will likely end up looking close, but this will make your living room look like you were trying to make them match but could not. If you find two pieces of wood furniture in the same set, it is definitely okay to add them to your living room.

If you cannot find wood furniture in the same exact color, you can choose wood pieces that complement each other. This way, they do not have to match perfectly. They will look like you planned the living room cohesively. 

To do this, look for wood in the same undertones. Some wood finishes have warm undertones, which are orange, yellow, or red. Cool undertones are gray. Neutral undertones are beige. Neutral undertones make a great addition to your living room because they can be used with any other type of wood finish.

Adding beautiful wood furniture to your living room is a great way to liven up the space. Be sure to follow these guidelines to ensure the space is cohesive. Look for unique pieces to add interest to your living room.


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