Decorating Tips Using Wood Furniture

Decorating Tips Using Wood Furniture | Alabama Sawyer

November 05, 2019

Decorating Tips Using Wood Furniture

Wood is something that you can use as home décor. It can be converted into beautiful pieces of furniture, such as a shelf for your books or a welcome sign in the primary entranceway. That said, wood furniture can be a trendy and stylish addition to your overall home interior design.

If you’re looking to decorate your home anytime soon, here are a few decorating tips to consider when using wood furniture.

  1. Plan Before You Start

Any home designing project requires proper planning and preparation. After all, you’ll surely not want to be in a situation where you buy a piece of wood furniture only to find out it doesn’t complement your interior design.

Because of this, it’s best to find the perfect design inspiration. If you’re new to home designing, you can look at the internet or magazines to see what pieces of wood furniture suit your design.

  1. Repurpose What You Have To Make A Wood Furniture

Designing the interior of your home doesn’t have to be expensive. You may have an old item in your garage that you can repurpose as home décor. For example, you can convert your piles of logs into a welcome sign to be placed in the main entryway. You can also transform your old wooden study table into a unique coffee table.

If you want pieces of wood furniture to be your home’s focal point, then you should start looking around your space and think of designing ways to repurpose items that you currently use.

  1. Anchor Your Interior Design With Wood Furniture

Typically, wood furniture is worth spending since it tends to last for years. Unlike painting that will more likely fade over time, it can be around for decades. Therefore, incorporating pieces of wood furniture into your home can be a great decorating tip to consider.

Below are some wood furniture pieces to add to your space for excellent home décor:

  • End table with a glass surface – If you have hollow logs in your home, you can probably create an end table with a glass surface. This wood furniture can be a conversation piece for your space because of the unique hollow logs as its base and light that's placed at the bottom.
  • Corner bookcase – You can also create a lovely bookshelf with an old log with no bark. This furniture piece offers an excellent focal point to your bedroom or living room.
  • Three-tiered shelves with birch legs – Another wood furniture you can use as home décor is the three-tiered shelves with birch legs. The best thing about this item is the corner supports, which are made from thicker logs. Because of its durable legs, it can be used to keep books and other items against a fallout.
  • The light fixture made of the twisted bush – This is a piece of perfect wood furniture for lighting purposes. The electrical wires are wrapped around the branches to hide them. The lights shine in the branches, making it a bright accent to any space of your room.

However, if you’re moving to a new home, you may need to take some of your existing furniture with you. And if you have a stunning piece of wood furniture to move, hiring professionals like Movers NYC can be an excellent option.

  1. Don’t Hesitate To Mix Up

Typically, most interior decorators will advise you to mix patterns and textures, including your wood furniture pieces. For example, you may have an antique wooden desk from your grandfather that you really want to keep it. If you can’t let go of such vintage furniture, it’s best to combine modern and traditional design themes.

Remember, a beautiful blend of wood furniture and other home accessories can give warmth and coziness into your home.


Whether you’re planning to move or looking for a quick make-over, beautifully-made wood furniture can brighten up your living space. And if you want a rustic look and vibe for your home, follow these decorating tips and get the most out of wood furniture pieces. Lastly, if you’re moving across the border soon, most long distance moving companies can help you move your furniture and other belongings.