University of Alabama Phone and Pen Tray

$95.00 $45.00

The urban wood for this Phone and Pen Tray comes directly from the University of Alabama's 1200 acre campus in Tuscaloosa, AL. Alabama Sawyer mills and kiln dries the wood as part of our ongoing efforts to reuse local urban wood and give it a second life. 

5% of the sale price goes directly to The University of Alabama Arboretum. Roll Tide.

Urban trees thrive in spacious urban environments like a University campus. They clean the air and provide shade for study and fun. Trees also have to come down. Alabama Sawyer was fortunate to be identified as a worthy recipient for the pipeline of mature trees, like Red Gum, White Oak and Magnolia. The products we create have function, character and a unique provenance. We have plenty of lumber for your projects as well.

This is a U of A approved program. We hope to work with other campuses! 

Wood Species: Oak