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Cypress Wood Beam Bench | Large Reclaimed Wood Bench


Our wood beam bench in cypress utilizes salvaged wood logs for a rustic seating experience. Narrow and backless, the simple lines express the natural texture of the end grain. The 15" x 15" beam is milled and finished to sit on a Corten steel base. With an emphasis and respect for natural materials, the beam bench brings primitive beauty and quiet luxury at a variety of lengths. 

Sprouts can form from the cut trunk of bald cypress trees as old as 60 years. Most live up to 600 years, but some individuals have survived 1,200 years.

Get creative and use the beam bench as a coffee table or low console table. A low sheen, clear urethane finish adds an extra layer of protection to this already durable wood. These pair well with our Hyo tables in Cypress. Or, use a mix of species and finishes from our beam bench collection.

Ask for availability or current lead time. These pieces are HEAVY. Please review Additional and Shipping Information below.