Limited Edition

Beach Avenue Table | Modern Wood Side Table | Bedside Table | Small Coffee Table

$950.00 $600.00

Introducing the Beach Avenue, a modern side table. This small table with modern lines is made of solid wood, hand selected from our stock of urban timber. It is versatile and attractive in a home or office setting. Use a pair as bedside tables or flank a sofa in the living room or den. Cluster several for a flexible coffee table for gathering with friends.

Beach Avenue was the location of our wood shop in Venice, CA. The modern lines and careful craft nod to our Southern California history and influences as furniture designers and makers. Now located in the South, Alabama Sawyer aims to pair our abundant urban timber resources with a modern aesthetic of woodworking. Beach Avenue and Venice evolved and changed in front of our eyes and continues to do so, as all places do. We remember it fondly and visit when we can.

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Dimensions: 18"D x 18" L x 18"H