Product Care

Product Care

Keep your Alabama Sawyer products looking as good as the day they arrived.

Wood Furniture

Solid urban wood furniture will reveal its character with use over time and will age with integrity when cared for properly. Avoid exposure to extreme climate changes and avoid outdoor placement unless the piece has been designated specifically for outdoor use. Do not place your wood furniture near heating sources. Our furniture has been given a durable, protective finish, but it can still be susceptible to stains. Remove spills immediately. Shield your furniture from direct sunlight (UV) to prevent fading or local color variances. Use placemats and coasters to prevent markings or stains from hot or cold beverages, food and candles. Most finishes reach their maximum hardness after 60 days, handle your furniture with extra care during the first couple of months. Be mindful with hard objects, such as earthenware, laptops or abrasive surface materials. A damp soft cloth with water, possibly a mild dish soap, is always recommended. Do not over soak cleaning cloths. Never use abrasives, ammonia, or other chemical-based cleaning products. It is always best to test any cleaning technique or product on a location that is not normally visible.

Solid Volume Wood

Large volumes of wood like the beam benches, hyos and sputniks are likely to crack due to the nature of the thick wood material. We air dry and kiln dry multiple times. Regardless, this wood is going to continue to move over time. If there is a treatment like shou sugi ban or a stain, cracks may reveal raw wood underneath. This will not degrade the stability of the piece. We can provide a stain pen to touch up if you like. We expect this wood movement to occur about 25% of the time and do not consider it a flaw, but rather an expression of character and rustic aesthetics and a living finish.

The shou sugi ban or natural color is sealed with a 2PK urethane finish. When inside, the finish should be cared for the same as other wood furniture. Outside, whether indirect or direct exposure, wood and the finish will degrade faster. The life of the wood and its finish can be extended by applying additional coats of sealer over the urethane finish, after scuff sanding, as yearly maintenance, or more, if needed.

Corten Steel

Corten Steel is designed to rust quickly. Corten can be coated with a local, professionally-recommended sealer to encapsulate rust. You can request a polished mild steel for indoor and dry applications. Mild steel will also rust if exposed to moisture.

Cutting Boards

Our cutting boards come unfinished, because we want you to know how to take care of it from the start. All cutting boards need to be treated with food-safe mineral oil (also called cutting board oil) before first use and every 2-6 months on-going. HOW TO OIL A CUTTING BOARD 1. Make sure your board is clean and dry before you begin. 2. Using a clean, soft cloth or towel, wipe the entire board evenly with oil. 3. Let it sit for a couple of hours. 4. Wipe the board clean of excess oil with a dry towel and you will keep it in great condition. 5. Wash with warm, soapy water after use. Do not soak your board in water. Do not put it in the dishwasher. Otherwise, it will crack and warp.

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