Why Compost?

Why Compost? | Alabama Sawyer

September 23, 2019

There are tons of reasons to start composting. Here are just a few reasons to give you the motivation you need to get into composting.

1. Composting reduces the amount of waste that will eventually go into a landfill to rot. A large percent of food waste that ends up in landfills could actually be recycled, so keep that in mind as you venture into the wonderful world of composting.

2. It improves soil quality. That’s right, composting helps improve the nutrient quality of the soil if done correctly. If you’re looking to up your gardening game, this is one way to start. 

3. Composting avoids contributing to harmful greenhouse gases if that same organic material were sent to a landfill. The folks over at the EPA say that landfills are what emit the highest quantities of toxic methane gas.

4. It’s a better alternative to the burning of trash waste. I know this one seems like a given, but burning organic compostable waste isn't good for the environment. 

5. It's a fertilizer and it deters pests. The thing about deterring pests is something I didn't know about until writing this blog post, and is definitely something I will delve into further in a future blog post. 

6. Composting leads to the neutralization of soil. In essence, it leads to soil that isn't too acidic for gardening.

7. Composting adds air pockets to soil, which leaves more room for water, nutrients, and plants to spread roots. 

8. It increases the water absorption rate of soil and leads to less eroded soil. 

9. Promotes biodiversity of plants, fungi, bacteria, and bugs. 

And to get you started, check out our elegantly crafted Noaway Counter Top Compost Bin. It comes in several different species of wood, and is the perfect place to store your compost in the kitchen before taking it to your backyard compost pile. 

Noaway Counter Top Compost Bin | Alabama Sawyer

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