What Size and Style Coffee Table for My Living Room?

What Size and Style Coffee Table for My Living Room? - Alabama Sawyer

May 23, 2022

Whether you want to design your sitting room or renew your furniture or upgrade your entire house, your coffee table is a reasonable consideration.   Typically a coffee table will also function as a serving table, repository for books and magazines, a footrest, a jigsaw puzzle spot, or even a workstation. When you choose to revamp or decorate your sitting room, selecting a coffee table is one of the essential tasks, although it is often overlooked.

Coffee tables are usually the center of attention, and they serve multiple practical purposes inside a living room. They serve purposes such as placing remote control, coffee and other drinks, phones, and decor magazines. Many people argue that coffee tables give a living room the most character. They hold most personal items and decor items, which help homeowners reflect on their personalities whenever they look at these items. They are always the second items to be picked after a sofa.  

The exact amount of struggle we go through when deciding on the best sofa is the same struggle for the best coffee table. You cannot decide on the size and the type of a coffee table blindly because it has to fit into the interior design of your living room and flow with the color of other furniture.

Alabama Sawyer Coffee Tables

Round wood and bronze table in white oak

Round wood and bronze table in white oak emerged as a collaboration between unique lumber from the local urban forests and the Birmingham metal artists. The two developed the first bronze and round wood table with tactile and rich pleasure. Japanese finishes inspired the Shou sugi ban table, which is used on beams and table benches. You can request customization such as size, finishes, and species. 

Live edge round size table 

The live edge round size table is one of the rare table types which can be used as a side or coffee table. It is also called the Sputnik table because of its irregular shape. It has three metal legs connected to the live edge piece of timber that convey the futuristic style of back in the 1950s. It will be perfect if you want to add a pop vintage or retro style with modern organic warmth. You will love this piece, especially if you place it in your living room as an end, side, or organic modern coffee table. Live edge round side table also makes an excellent choice for a bedside table or, better stills, unique furniture in the bathroom. You can ask for specifications such as size, color, and grain.

Cocktail Cubes

Modern solid Oakwood cocktail cubes with bronze details 

The modern solid Oakwood cubes with bronze details are a perfect option for a cocktail table or coffee table for tapas and drinks. On their interior, you can store books or any other valuable collections. You can arrange the tables as one, a pair, or foursome for a modular table or a book holder against the wall for an outstanding arrangement. Depending on your taste and use, you can pick one color or multiple. 

End grain round side table

End grain round side table is part of live edge round side tables. They have an irregular line, an aspect that makes them unique and why you will love them. They have three metallic legs attached to the lie edge chunk of wood to depict modern organic warmth with a pop of vintage. The coffee table is ideal for use as a living room coffee table, as either a single or cluster. Besides, you can use it as a bedside table or a side table. The coffee table is durable, and you can make specifications of size and color. 

Extra LArge Sputnik Table in Los Angeles

Measure. Know the size coffee table you are looking for when you starting searching.

Choosing the right coffee table can be confusing, especially with so many options available in the market. However, it is essential to make a sober decision and ensure that you choose the correct size that will best fit into your living room proportionately. Purchase other furniture in the room first, including the sofa, and the remaining space will guide you on the size of the coffee table you should choose. An excellent choice of a coffee table can complement the color of other items in the room and improve the overall layout and floor of the room. Of course, you don't want a coffee table that is too big to block you from all corners of the room or one that is too small to serve its purpose. Choosing a wrong size of a coffee table can potentially make the proportions of your living room look off. It is essential to take accurate measurements of the space you have chosen for your coffee table and the sofa before purchasing the furniture.

Follow the following steps:

  • Measure the height of your sofa from the floor to the top of the cushion
  • Measure the length of the sofa

It is also imperative to consider the following factors before sourcing your dream coffee table.

Size of the room 

Your coffee table should never be an obstacle to navigating your room the way you want. Before deciding on the specific coffee table, you wish to purchase, consider the room where you will place the table. How big or how small is the space? Answering this question will help you determine the exact dimension of the coffee table you want to purchase. The sitting room is commonplace for all family members, and it is prone to foot traffic. Your coffee table should leave reasonable spaces to ensure that you don't keep tripping over when you're passing. It should also leave functional spaces between the table and the sofa and other furniture such as the TV stand. People should also not struggle to reach items on the table or stand to reach the items.

The length of the sofa

We have all been there where you just bought a great sofa set, and now it's time to purchase an excellent coffee table that will match the sofa and maximize your living area space. The tricky part is deciding the size of the coffee table concerning the couch. The decision can be challenging, especially if there is only a tiny space left after setting up other furniture in the living room. Choosing a too-big coffee table will overwhelm your living area, leaving you with no space to maneuver. If you choose a coffee table that is too small, you will have an unbalanced living room. The critical point is that you have to balance the coffee table and your sofa to allow maximum space for comfort. An ideal coffee table should be 2/3 the sofa's length to create a balance in the room.

Coffee Table with Low Chairs

The height of the sofa seat 

It is essential to keep in mind that the person using the sofa and the same person using the coffee table. Therefore your coffee table should not be too high or too low compared to the couch. Your coffee table should be between 1 to 2 inches shorter than the height of your sofa. Consider how rigid or flexible the cushions are as you measure the height of your sofa seat. Consider factors such as if you like raising your legs on your chair for comfort. Remember that you will need an unobstructed view when sitting on your sofa and ease and comfort when grabbing snacks and other items from the coffee table.

Other pieces of furniture in the layout 

The ideal distance from the sofa seat front to the coffee table should be 12 to 18 inches. Fifteen inches is a comfortable distance for sitting and working. If you bring the coffee table closer, the space will be overwhelmed, and it can start to feel tight. If the coffee table is further, you may not be able to reach your snacks, coffee, drink, or any other item placed on the coffee table comfortably. Place the coffee table in the middle and ensure equal space on all sides of the table. The spacing will guarantee comfortable movements around the table without tripping over or dropping items as you move. Consider other things in the room and the general layout of a living room. Leaving out some space between your furniture is essential to avoid foot traffic. 

Coffee Table with High Seat Height


When choosing a new coffee table, consider the shape. It is okay to go out of the ordinary. Instead of selecting the default rectangular coffee table, choose a round, square, or oblong coffee table that might better complement your space and layout. Your coffee table should be among the last pieces you purchased after other pieces of furniture to help you figure out the right size and better consider the remaining space. Always keep in mind the length and height of your sofa seat before settling on the right coffee table to avoid overcrowding the living room. Choose quality material and color to prevent the unplanned need for replacement or repair.