Salvaged Wood vs Reclaimed Wood

Salvaged Wood: Wood that was never cut into lumber or used for construction. 

Reclaimed Wood: Wood that was previously used in the construction of a building.

The trend of using salvaged wood and reclaimed wood to create new products/ furniture is a good one, and we hope to see more and more companies use salvaged or reclaimed wood when possible.

Both reduce the amount of wood that will eventually go to waste in a landfill, so keep that in mind as you weigh the pros and cons of salvaged wood vs reclaimed wood. Salvaged wood tends to be more expensive than reclaimed wood since the salvaged wood must be transported, milled, and sometimes refinished before it can be sold.   

At Alabama Sawyer, we use salvaged wood, more specifically we use fallen urban timber sourced entirely from the greater Birmingham area as materials in our products. 

SOURCE: Scott's Liquid Gold | Reclaimed vs Salvaged Wood

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