Product Reviews for Alabama Sawyer Wood Ice Buckets, Bread Boxes, Menorahs and Elegant Trays

Product Reviews for Alabama Sawyer Wood Ice Buckets, Bread Boxes, Menorahs and Elegant Trays - Alabama Sawyer

September 06, 2021

Piece of art!

I bought this tray for my husband for our 12th wedding anniversary for coffee in bed.  I thought it looked stunning on the website, but in real life it is even more beautiful.  The craftsmanship, design and wood quality exceeded my expectation.  It is an instant family heirloom.


Nicole W.


Really impressed by the craftsmanship, the lovely finish on the wood, the wonderful grain. Thank you!


barney h.


Handmade Wood and brass tray |  Small Breakfast in Bed Tray


Kathryn M.

love my new tray, thanks so much

love my new tray, thanks so much



Wonderful texture and design

I ordered this beautiful ice bucket with the intention of giving it to someone as the need to give a gift came up. But as the weeks are going by I notice I still have it in a place where I can just look at it. I guess I’m hoping I won’t have to give it away. Is that terrible of me?



Best, kindest service and product!

We purchased the most beautiful handmade walnut bread box, fantastic service, since it was difficult to find the best way to ship the box to Denmark. Only the highest recommendation. Thank you!


AnnaLea B.

Beautiful box

My husband says he won't use it as a bread box because it's too beautiful but aside from that it looks like it will be perfect in form and function


Hanna S.


This is the second one I’ve purchased as a gift. Both for each of my sons-in-law.

On this most recent one I did notice a very fine line (not a deep crack but may turn into a crack) I still have it to Peter and he and my daughter were delighted. I just hope it doesn’t turn into a deep crack. Thanks!


Kim F.

Beautiful bread box and cutting board

Very happy with my purchase. Received items quickly. They are beautifully made and I love using them


Sally M.

Really cool Menorah arrived just in time!

Everything I have bought from AS is fantastic!  Leigh is always a pleasure to work with.


Doug T.


Cutting Board with Handle


Juan B.


We love our new cutting board. It is beautiful and functional. It is one of the very few items I will allow to stay sitting out on our kitchen counters :)


Michelle L.

Wine rack

I got one Wine rack and 2 for Christmas gifts!

Beautiful. Few years ago I got a bread box for my daughter. I’ve got to have one too!