How to Pick the Perfect Coffee Table

How to Pick the Perfect Coffee Table

October 10, 2022

Finding the perfect coffee table for your space may seem like a bit of a challenge. There are various factors you need to keep in mind as you decide which table is best suited for your area, including the living room you use every day. Here’s what to look for and what we recommend.

Inspirational Coffee Tables for Every Living Room Design

Sometimes the best way to find the perfect coffee tables for your living space is to have some inspiration. Whether you need the perfect place to serve your homemade pimento cheese to your guests when they arrive or a place to sprawl out with the kids on game night, the right table makes everything possible.  


The first thing to consider when comparing the options available to you is to consider the scale of the table and how it relates to the rest of the room. If you have your furniture in place now, take some time to look at how it fits within the space. If you were to purchase a coffee table now and put it right into your current layout, how much room would it take up? Consider how you could sit around it or, in the case of a small coffee table, where would you position it to get the most use out of it? 

Consider other pieces in the space along with the seat height – as that should be the ideal position for most tables. 


Whether you want something that blends well with your sofa or you are looking for a statement piece, your coffee table can certainly add style and luxury to the room. 

One of the best and most versatile options is to use wood species, or more specific than that, urban wood pieces. These are eco-friendly options that come from reclaimed wood from urban areas, wood that would otherwise end up in the dump. If you are considering this type of elegant option, find out where the wood came from. 

Next, consider the look of it. Is it a round shape, which could work well in smaller areas, or a square? Do you want a multi-height table that can be adjusted or a single height? Also, consider whether storage within the table could add even more value to this space.

Single vs Multiple Considerations

You have some outstanding ideas right now of what you may like. To help you with decision making, consider whether or not you want a single table for the living room or if you want several options.

Single Tables

A single table that dominates the seating area is quite common for many living room spaces. If you don't have a significant amount of room next to the sofa or in other areas, just one table may be enough for you. Here are some considerations.


The Winston Coffee Table is a round beauty inspired by Japanese Shou sugi ban finishes. It measures 48” and provides a lot of surface space, plenty of space to play a card game with an old friend. You will find that this piece of beauty is the ideal choice for those who want an ultra low sheen finish, clean lines, and a bit of detailing throughout.


The Parsons Coffee Table is a modern piece of art that’s also highly functional. It is handcrafted from solid urban hardwood, making it a true treasure to add to your home. This eco-friendly piece is made with expert craftsmanship and offers clean lines. It’s the perfect place to spread out homework or a big puzzle to work on as a family. You will find that its simplistic design is what creates this piece's character and appeal for just about any space.


Choose the Orchard Table if you want a beautiful, round, grey wood coffee table. This table is made from urban white oak, making it an eco-friendly investment. It has a stunning grain and texture to it. The 48: diameter table gives you lots of surface area, but you are sure to love the overall artistry that this piece brings with its geometrical base and modern feel. It is the ideal choice for a living room or even an office space when you want something special.

Collections and Clusters of Small Tables

In some situations, you may want to add more surface area, so you can add a lamp or tuck a few of your must-read books close to the pillow on your favorite sofa. If you have room for more than one table, there are a few very special collections that can prove to be excellent choices for just about any area of the home. You’ll want to dive into these when you want something special for larger living spaces.


The Waverly Side Table is the perfect choice to position right next to your living room furniture. Tuck them into the corner or make them a centerpiece to hold your favorite collectibles or that special piece of art created by your grandkids. These tables are modern with hand-selected urban wood that makes them very special. They are available with bronze or aluminum tenons to give them a bit more of an elegant detailing.

Beach Avenue 

Perhaps you want something that's a bit more modern with squared lines. The Beach Avenue Table is the perfect choice. They work well as a coffee table for those times when you need to place a number of different items on it. You can easily use them next to each of your couches so that each of your guests has a place for their cocktails. These tables have modern lines and are made of solid wood. 

Creative Solutions

Ready for something a bit more…creative? Really, anything can be your coffee table. Why not find something that works well for your needs? You can even use the wine crate from that vineyard you visited last year if you like. Here are some fantastic items that can work very well.

Sputnik Tables

Go with something funky, like the Sputnik Table. This live edge round side table works perfectly in a space that's focused on nature, but it can also be the focal point of just about any living room. These tables are a chunk of urban wood that helps to create a very organic look – and no two pieces are the same.

Rainbow City Cocktail Tables

If you want something higher to be more table height, consider the Rainbow City Cubes. These are modern wood cocktail cues that have some brass detailing to them. You can use the top portion for the coffee table features (don’t forget the coaster on them) and then fill the other cubes with potted plants, books, or something else. They are great for creating special spaces and areas within a large living room.

Miyake Bench

The Miyake Seating options are sweet, special items that are perfect for tables or even a bit of extra seating. These floating dovetail joints on these pieces with the urban timber grain help to make these tables beautiful and nothing short of stunning. They feature Asian-style joinery, which makes them even more special for any area of your home. They work well at the entryway, but you can easily tuck them next to the sectional for added table space.

Hyo Table

A simple look, the Hyo Table is a must have for those who want a burned look. These pieces are very simple and created with careful precision. They are made from Alabama pine and then burned to create the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban finishing. They have sealer on them, which you can appreciate if you have a child that could accidentally spill something. Use them as the type of table that moves with your guests and needs – no matter where you need a simple and beautiful table. 

Beam Bench (or any bench!)

The Beam Bench is a must more stately piece and takes up much of the space in your living room, but that is just why you need to use it. The Beam Bench is the perfect type of table for those areas where you want to put up a big display (like all of those collectibles you have tucked away) or to set up a small garden right in your living room. These are a narrow and backless bench that offers a nice natural look. 

Tray on an Ottoman

Another creative solution is the Handmade Wood and Brass Tray. This is a beautiful table that is perfect for you as you get set up to watch the big game – there’s ample room for a few drinks, snacks, and the gadgets you need to track your fantasy team – or the perfect table for those days when you’re working from home in your PJs.

Inspirational Living Room

If it’s time to find a coffee table that works for you, so you can drink too much coffee while you scroll through the newspaper on your phone, think about these special pieces. You are certainly going to love having a place to set your drink as you put your feet up to stream your favorite shows, too. The only question is, which table will you select?