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How to Choose the Right Size Dining Table

How to Choose the Right Size Dining Table - Alabama Sawyer

August 03, 2020

A typical way to determine the maximum seating at a dining table allows for 24" to 30" per person. Seating for large events is generally cozier than what you might want in your home for an intimate family or friends gathering.

There are a number of elements to consider when choosing the size of your dining table. The size of the room is crucial. The room has to be large enough to support the size of the table.

How big are your chairs, benches or seating?

How cozy do you and your family or guests like to be? Do you serve food on the table, family style, set up a buffet or served by others. You may not need space in the middle.

The access needs to be allow the table to get into the space. Think about doors, hallways, elevators, etc. If access is limited, be sure to inquire about assembling on site or customizing for difficult access.

Rectangular Table Seating Chart and Guidelines

A 60″ rectangular dining table can seat between 4-6 people comfortably. A 70″ rectangular dining table can seat between 4-8 people comfortably. An 84″ rectangular dining table can seat up to 8 people comfortably. A 90″ rectangular dining table can seat up to 8 people comfortably. A 108″ rectangular dining table can seat up to 10 people comfortably.

Rectangular Table Seating Chart

Rectangular Seating Chart with Chairs on the Ends

By making your table a bit wider, you can add seats on the ends of the table, but your guests get further apart.

Rectangular Seating Chart with Seating on the Ends

Don't forget to consider the size of the room. This is the most important part. You want 2.5'-3.4' of space between the sides of the table and a wall or obstacle. As your table gets wider, your guests are farther away from each other. Cozy meals with lively conversation may prefer a narrower table and food service on another surface, like a buffet, credenza or narrow console table or kitchen island.

Round Table Seating Chart

A 42″ round table can fit four people comfortably. A 54″ round table can seat 4-6 people comfortably. A 60″ round table can seat between 6-8 people comfortably. A 72″ round table can seat between 8 people comfortably. A 84-96″ round table can seat between 10 people comfortably. A 108″ round table can seat between 12 people comfortably.

Round Table Sizing Chart

Don't forget to consider the size of the room. You want at least 2' between the back of a chair and a wall or obstacle. As your round table gets larger, you may want to consider a lazy susan in the middle, as guests will be very far from each other and the service area in the middle.

We make all our tables to order, so if you want a table that is 53" in diameter or 74" long, Alabama Sawyer can make it. Just contact us!