How did Custom Stickers assist Alabama Sawyer with the Sawyer Model A Guitar?

We are pumped about the custom guitars that we have been developing with Les Newby, made from urban wood. Les is the creative and experienced music brain who knows instruments. Alabama Sawyer made the wood guitar bodies. We know wood and woodworking, and we are  launching the product. 

One of the more drawn out stages has been deciding on the name and developing the branding. Should it be a sub brand or not? After numerous iterations, we landed on “Sawyer” and stuck with the Alabama Sawyer mark and simply named the model of the guitar. That name is Model A, B and so on… As relieved as we were with that launch box checked, this still left us with where to and how to put the branding on the guitar. 

Guitar Head with Sticker

It might sound simple at first, but even with an existing logo, there are endless possibilities. I am happy to report, we are 90% there. We used custom stickers with the Alabama Sawyer  logo on a clear base to help determine how to mark the guitars. After printing the logo and type at various sizes and honing in on our preferences, we ordered small runs in various sizes and came up with this! The final product will be a transfer.

Model A logotype

The sticker solution came in a roundabout way, where the answer was right in front of my face. We like to add a little extra delight when we ship our small products, like our compost bins, rolling pins and cutting boards, for the simple reason—who doesn’t like stickers? For an inexpensive, promotional item, stickers fall pleasantly in the venn diagram of branding, function, fun and FREE gifts, aka “swag.” 

Boxes with Stickers

A simple 3” round custom sticker with our logo on the outside of a standard off the shelf box lets us brand our shipments for a fraction of the cost or commitment of a custom made shipping box. Our products are not all the same size and we change our assortment of drops and evergreen home accessories. An adaptable way to brand our boxes is important in order  to stay nimble in our small business.

Bumper Sticker

When Cliff and I ordered bumper stickers for our cars, we figured our close friends and family would take one. Instead, we found that our employees were asking if they could take one for their own cars—company culture!

MAgnet Dont Ghost the Compost

We used the custom magnet item as an add-on for the Noaway Countertop Compost Bin, to remind folks to take the compost out to the yard. We are able  to contribute to the success of a non smelly compost situation and our logo is on 100s of refrigerators. A reminder holding up other reminders.

Wayfinding Vinyl Transfers

We used the vinyl letter transfers as semi-permanent signage around the office. We share the building we are in with another manufacturer. The way finding is helpful for the UPS man and our customers.

We love to send coasters as follow up gifts  for our furniture customers. I can’t tell you how many emails I get after a delivery that say “We love our new table! How do I take care of it?” The answer is, first and foremost, coasters!”

Holographic Sticker on Water Bottle

The Sticker Mule platform is user-friendly, proofing is quick, standard lead times are fast and shipping is free. The deals that pop-up in my inbox are often irresistible. I never knew I wanted a holographic Alabama Sawyer sticker to throw into shipments or have available at the door, but people LOVE them!

We have been buying from Sticker Mule for years, so when we were going in circles (no pun intended) of how to test the branding for the Sawyer guitars, I was excited and relieved to use a trusted source.

A limited run of the guitars are slated to be ready by the holidays this year.

You can check out custom stickers​ on Sticker Mule.

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