Famous Alabama Trees

Famous Alabama Trees | Alabama Sawyer

October 28, 2019

In case you couldn’t tell, we at Alabama Sawyer love trees. Specifically urban trees from the south. That’s why all of our wood is sourced from the urban forests of Alabama. 

In honor of our love for Alabamian trees, here are four famous “heart of Dixie” trees that you may not have known about:

1) The Helen Keller water oak: So you’ve probably heard of Helen Keller. This oak is located in Ivy Green, Keller’s birthplace. Helen loved trees, and often wrote about her favorites. This water oak was among one of her favorites, and is over 200 years old. 

2) Freedom Tree Park Triumphs (Hackberry): In 1956, a bomb was placed on the doorstep of a reverend who was a vocal supporter of African American civil rights. The freedom tree was planted by locals of the community in the middle of the crater left by the bomb. (All of this took place in Montgomery.)  

3) Boyington Oak: This historic oak lives in Mobile. The story of this tree begins with the execution of Charles R.S. Boyington in 1835, who claimed to be falsely accused of murdering an acquaintance. Before his execution, Boyington claimed that a mighty oak would grow from his heart as a display of his innocence. An oak DID eventually grow on his grave, and years after Boyington’s death, the real murderer confessed. 

4) Duffie Oak: Another oak from Mobile, the Duffie is considered the oldest living oak in the city. It was originally referred to as The Seven Sisters Oak due to its seven large branches, but was renamed after a former mayor of Mobile who lived nearby. 


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