Composting Without A Garden- What's The Point?

Composting Without A Garden- What's The Point? | Alabama Sawyer

September 30, 2019

So you probably know that a bunch of people compost in order to create fertilizer for their garden. But you can still compost even if you don't have a garden. Consider getting into composting for the following reasons: 

1. Collect compost for a curbside compost program that will take your compost. Similar to trash collection programs that collect once a week, these services may or may not be free, or they may not even exist in your area. You are going to want to do your research on this one.

2. Even if you don't have an outdoor garden, you might have some potted plants around the house that would benefit from your compost. Just make sure your compost is at the stage where it's ready to be used as fertilizer.  

3. Give it away to a friendly gardener, or even a local community that you know could benefit from free compost. There might be a school or library with a nice garden that would benefit from your food scraps. Or maybe a nearby park whose plants could benefit from some of your composting TLC. 

4. Another similar option would be to give it away online, or even on Craigslist. You can give away pretty much anything on Craigslist these days. Or you can try selling it on Craigslist, but I doubt I'd ever try to buy compost off of Craigslist. It seems like too much of a risk that the compost would be unusable, and I really wouldn't want to waste money on unusable compost. 

One great resource to check out would be this Backyard Boss article titled, "How to Make Compost: Black Gold for Your Own Gardens!"

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