Clare Colors + Alabama Sawyer Woods

Clare Colors + Alabama Sawyer Woods | Alabama Sawyer

July 22, 2019

Clare brings you a wide variety of gorgeous paint colors and supplies to pick from. While we were looking through their paints, we thought that it would be fun to compare them to some of our wood finishes. 


Look-a-like Colors 

Burnt Cherry Coffee Date | Wall Paint | Clare

Left: Burnt Cherry, Right: Coffee Date Wall Paint


 Whipped | Wall Paint | Clare

Left: Dogwood Bloom, Right: Whipped Wall Paint


 Blue Ivy | Wall Paint | Clare

Left: Blue Magnolia, Right: Blue Ivy Wall Paint


 Blackest | Wall Paint | Clare

Left: Coal, Right: Blackest Wall Paint


Red Oak Cubes Big Apple | Wall Paint | Clare

Left: Red Oak Cube, Right: Big Apple Wall Paint


Complimentary Colors

 Prince | Wall Paint | Clare 

Left: Poplar Natural Oil, Right: Prince Wall Paint


Cherry Natural Oil Vacay | Wall Paint | Clare

 Left: Cherry Natural Oil, Right: Vacay Wall Paint


Walnut Natural Oil Good Jeans | Wall Paint | Vacay

Left: Walnut, Right: Good Jeans Wall Paint


Still not sure what color to go with? Not to worry, because Clare has their very own service for helping customers select the right shades of paint.