Announcing Scratch and Dent Items

Announcing Scratch and Dent Items | Alabama Sawyer

September 30, 2019

Imagine for a moment one of our cutting boards has just been completed and packaged, ready to be shipped off to its new home. On its way to the truck that will eventually drive it to its destination, a bee stings the person carrying the cutting board. They drop the box and the cutting board gets a minor scratch along the right side of the board. What would become of this hypothetical cutting board? 

Obviously we couldn’t sell it at full price, which is why we’ve recently begun to sell some of our products that are damaged in the shipping process, but are still perfectly usable. Our ‘scratch and dent’ items are sold at 40% off plus free shipping. These scratch and dent items are an absolute steal for someone who loves a good discount. Take a look at some of our currently available scratch and dent products (please note that the availability of these products will change over time depending on the scratch and dent items that are in stock. Check out our ‘scratch and dent’ item page for up to date product listings):

That’s a pretty diverse selection of products. All of this begs the question, where exactly can I find these items on our website? Well, first things first. Head over to our website and hover your cursor over the “SHOP NOW” tab:

Next, select the “Scratch & Dent” tab, and that’s it. Super easy to find, and if you decide to buy one, you’re getting a great deal.