2 Indoor Activities to Help You Beat the Heat

2 Indoor Activities to Help You Beat the Heat | Alabama Sawyer

July 15, 2019

Are you barely tolerating this midsummer Alabama heat? If you answered ‘yes’, I’m going to recommend some indoor activities to keep your mind off the boiling weather.

1) Do a fun DIY project. This first suggestion is a DIY Beeswax Candle Making Kit from the company Grow and Make. They make all sorts of DIY kits to fulfill your every crafty desire, so be sure to check them out! What’s more is that they have a variety of other fun DIY kits, so if you’re aren’t a big fan of candles, why not go for the beverage making kit, or the soap making kit? The point is that Grow and Make definitely has a DIY kit to occupy your time as you avoid the heat.

2) Make it a media day. This next suggestion is very simple, just hang out and watch TV or movies on a comfy seat. Maybe you could start a new show now that Game of Thrones has left a great big hole in your heart. Or maybe you could listen to an audio book from AudiobooksNow.com. If you need audiobook recommendations, I'd say to start with The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks if you're unfamiliar with Lacks and her story. 

But don’t forget about the comfy seat for your viewing/ reading pleasure. Preferably it would be a nice bean bag, like one you might find over on Jaxx Bean Bags. One of the coolest things about their bean bags is the extent of customization the company lets you do for each order, from material type, to bead type, and more. More specifically, I'd recommend one of their awesome Gaming Bean Bags.