Wood Furniture Maintenance - Indoor and Outdoor

Wood Furniture Maintenance - Indoor and Outdoor - Alabama Sawyer

May 31, 2021

Wood is a natural material. One of the environmental benefits of wood is that it is ultimately biodegradable.

We use several different finishes on our furniture, but there are some basic rules.

  1. No finish can withstand prolonged exposure to water, food, sun or other substances. 
  2. Keep it Clean. Remove spills of food or drinks ASAP
  3. Use Coasters.
  4. A furniture cover can help
  5. Examine surface for damage or wear and tear on a regular basis to determine whether a refresh is necessary.
  6. Use the finish manufacturer's cleaner if available
  7. Do NOT use solvents for cleaning.

Exterior finishes are tough. A furniture cover is your best bet, but it may not be desirable. Though designed for the outdoors, regular maintenance on exterior finishes is needed for any outdoor furniture. Keep the pieces clean with a clean cloth and water with a little dish soap. Re-oil oiled finished once a year and a surface finish like an exterior poly urethane may require a new coat every few years, depending on the exposure and the climate.