What To Look For In a Kitchen Compost Bin

What To Look For In a Kitchen Compost Bin - Alabama Sawyer

May 06, 2020

An easy way to improve your composting game is with a designated kitchen compost bin. But what should you look for in this specialized item? Finding the perfect compost bin is a bit of a science, luckily we are experts in the field and are here to help! Here are a few things to consider in the search for your ideal kitchen composting candidate!

First, where do you plan to keep your compost bin and how much compost will it need to hold in between transfers?  If you want to keep your compost inside for several weeks, you might consider something larger, stored under the sink or next to the trash can, out of sight, and smell.  However, if you plan on emptying your indoor bin every day or every week, our countertop compost bins will be the most accessible while meal prepping and when you go to empty them, plus we offer both a family and petite size to easily fit any kitchen and capacity!

What about the functionality of your compost bin.  Is it made from a safe, non-toxic material? How easy will it be to clean? What kind of closure does it feature? Avoid plastics wherever possible, especially any that might contain toxic BPA. The inside of the bin should be as smooth as possible and dishwasher safe.  Airtight containers are not optimal for composting as it restricts the oxygen and microorganisms from getting to the waste, but lidless containers can be unsightly and lead to unwanted odors.  Alabama Sawyer compost bins come with a restaurant-style stainless steel container that is removable for emptying and it's dishwasher safe!


When it comes to compost bin liners and filters, we find that less is more.  You really won’t need these extras unless you are leaving your kitchen compost indoors for several weeks between emptying it.  Carbon Filters help reduce odor and charcoal liners help with cleaning heavily decomposed matter.  With our bins, we have found that emptying daily or weekly is a much simpler and more sustainable option.


Lastly, consider the appearance of your compost bin and how it will look in your kitchen.  A compost bin is a symbol that you are doing something good for your community and your yard or garden, it should make you happy when you look at it!  Compost bins on the market come in an array of designs, and the best part is that you get to pick what fits your style!  Alabama Sawyer compost bins feature our unique urban timber, offering you a variety of beautiful light or dark natural wood finishes to perfectly compliment your kitchen decor!


Hopefully your compost bin will be the perfect combination of form and function! Happy composting!


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