What are the best things do in Birmingham?

What are the best things do in Birmingham? - Alabama Sawyer

October 04, 2021

The restaurant scene in Birmingham is well-known secret. They have been using local produce, meat and seafood before farm to table was a thing. What was once the world of Frank Stitts is now a multi-generalization legacy of delicious food. Restaurants are listed (roughly) from less to more expensive. There are certainly more than just this list in all the categories. We will try to add to them too!


  1. Taco Morro Loco (Truck)
  2. Harvest Root Ferments
  3. Paramont
  4. Post Office Pies
  5. El Barrio
  6. Back40 Brewery
  7. Bettola
  8. Automatic Seafood
  9. Hot and Hot
  10. Highlands Grill


  1. Civil Rights Institute
  2. Railroad Park
  3. Red Mountain Park
  4. Big Spoon Creamery
  5. Rotary Trail


  1. Duquette
  2. Billy Reid
  3. Left Hand Soap
  4. Saturday Farmer’s Market
  5. Golden Age Wine


  1. EJI (+ Montgomery, AL)
  2. Alabama Chanin (+ Florence, AL)
  3. US Space and Rocket Center (+ Huntsville, AL)