Welcome Field Culture Compost to Birmingham

Welcome Field Culture Compost to Birmingham - Alabama Sawyer

July 27, 2020

Field Culture Compost will be both Birmingham and Alabama's first ever community scale composting facility. They are poised to stand as the model for Organic Waste Recycling by helping to divert the mass of organic waste generated in Birmingham and the surrounding area, that would otherwise end up in landfills. They will convert it into an environmentally-safe and conscientious resource and help minimize Birmingham's environmental impact and turn its organic waste into something valuable for the community.

Contracting with local companies to haul separated compostable organic wastes to their facility can save them money on ever increasing fuel cost and other costs associated with waste hauling long distances. After the materials arrive at their facility, they will turn their waste into compost via a natural process of heat and time. What was once heading to already overcrowded landfills, will become a resource to be used on local farms and in local gardens all over the city, state, and region. Compost will also be used to help remediate contaminated soils, help prevent soil erosion, and sequester carbon wherever it is applied!

In addition to being a waste management company, Field Culture Compost is a socially conscious and responsible business. Via avenues such as school and community  events, Field Culture Compost will educate and  spread the word of how compost is good for not only the environment. Community composting addresses critical issues, such as food deserts, recycling, community health by helping to improve water and air quality, promoting alternative and clean energies, and improving connectivity within the community at large!

The owner/operators, Alexander Thompson and Matthew Nesbitt have been studying compost and working on farms for years. They know how to make compost from both an academic and hand-on perspective.

Alabama Sawyer is thrilled they are here in Birmingham, AL, as we want more local folks to compost. If you are ready to get started, collecting compost, try our Noaway Countertop Compost Bin. It sure is easier when the receptacle looks pretty in your kitchen.