Review of Nourish Foods Southern Makers Gift Box Experience by Mary Drennen

Review of Nourish Foods Southern Makers Gift Box Experience by Mary Drennen | Alabama Sawyer

April 20, 2020

There’s something truly unique about the South. Yes, it’s friendly, hard working folks and good weather (mostly), but there’s something deeper that is hard to explain unless you’re from here.

Today more than ever, it’s a strong sense of pride in our community that comes together despite all circumstances: To share the stories of fellow small business owners, not only because it matters to them, but it matters to us all to see others succeed.

Our Tastemakers box this week features some of the most creative and hard working Southerners I know. Like Cliff and Leigh Spencer from @alabamasawyer that literally cut, sanded and stained a custom board just for our clients to fit in our box. And Frank and Pardis from @bottegacafebham who arguably created Southern food as we know it.

And Cary Norton from @wethreebeeks that sold us all of the remaining honey from his spring harvest in a custom batch. And Dustin Busby from @blackberryfarm that answered my text on Easter Sunday to make sure we would have enough meats and cheeses for your box. And @coreyhinkel that added his beautiful artisan bread without ever having met us.

Holmstead Farms JAr

And Rebecca from @holmstedfinesfood that delivered her products with her daughter in tow (because she’s also trying to homeschool her kids while growing a brand).

Stone Hollow Farms Jar

And last but not least, Alexandra Stone from @stonehollowfarmstead (also a Nourish client) that has stepped in to accommodate all the requests we’ve had the last few weeks.
Let’s celebrate these artisans, craftsmen(women), and entrepreneurs today by buying their products and continuing to share their stories. ❤️