Common Alabama Urban Wood Species: Magnolia

Common Alabama Urban Wood Species: Magnolia - Alabama Sawyer

May 01, 2022

Magnolia trees have become icons of Southern areas of the United States.

Several species of this amazing tree are found in Alabama. The tree can reach 50 to 80 ft in height and 2-3 ft in diameter.

You can recognize magnolia wood by medium to dark brown heartwood with black, green, or purple streaks occasionally. The sapwood is grayish or creamy white. Magnolia wood has a straight grain, and the uniform texture is medium to fine. The wood itself is easy to work with, whether with hands or machines.

The main benefits of magnolia are its heaviness and hardness, especially when it comes to Southern Magnolia. In interior design, magnolia is primarily chosen for veneers, doors, interior trims, and upholstered furniture frames. Other small wooden and decorative items can also be made from magnolia wood.

Magnolia wood facts:

  • Magnolia trees can live anywhere from 80 to 120 years
  • Fossils of magnolia trees date back to over 100 million years, making them among the oldest flower plants in the world