Alabama Sawyer is FIVE years old!

Alabama Sawyer is FIVE years old! - Alabama Sawyer

July 05, 2021

July 1 marks the fifth anniversary of our arrival in Birmingham. We packed up the shop and our house and the kids and the cat and we drove. There were pit stops along Route 66. The top of Vulcan was our ceremonial finish and a Barons game (and a cold beer) was the ideal celebration.

A lot has happened in five years… for us. for everyone!

I have generally used #throwbackthursday to show the work we did in LA (Whoops! Los Angeles, y’all, not Lower Alabama) but it’s time to move on. Going forward, I’ll throw it back to the body of work we have been able to create in this new chapter, here in Birmingham.

We have had the pleasure of continuing to work with lots of our legacy clients, but we have cultivated new ones, in Birmingham, the South, and all over the country. Plenty of our products have lasted the move. Many have evolved to integrate urban wood. We have developed new processes, new products, new vendors, new materials…. our fantastic and growing CREW of craftspeople.

Five years is a big one. Thanks for being with us from whenever you started to follow along. We appreciate it and look forward to the years ahead!