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on the fence

we went with this product because it was sustainable and it was from a small American company even though the price was steep and in spite of the fact there was a very similar product on amazon (not American) that was less than half the cost. we were using a random container for compost before and we wanted something more sophisticated as well as something that would seal tighter to keep out fruit flies. while it's a beautiful product i was disappointed when we opened the lid and a bunch of fruit flies came out. i guess i was hoping for a tighter seal of the lid.

Very nice tray

Well made and shipped fast. Looks nice.


This is the second one I’ve purchased as a gift. Both for each of my sons-in-law.
On this most recent one I did notice a very fine line (not a deep crack but may turn into a crack) I still have it to Peter and he and my daughter were delighted. I just hope it doesn’t turn into a deep crack. Thanks!

Gorgeous Hardwood Cutting Board

We love the simple, elegant design. Delivery was prompt.

Handmade Wood and brass tray | Small Breakfast in Bed Tray

Good boards

Nice boards. Good size to use as individual serving plates.

Looks great!

Thanks. Very nice tray! Any “flaws” are relatively unnoticeable on the scratch and dent product.

More than just a lap desk!

I'm using this lap desk as a tray on an upholstered ottoman. I like the curvy organic shape of this piece against the formality of the tufted ottoman. I get lots of questions about where it came from!

Great Desk

I love the design of this desk. Just the right size I needed for a small space. Shipping was fast and communication was great. Easy to assemble. Thanks!


I love everything about this desk. It packs flat, goes together easily (with video for me!), perfect height, perfect glass jar holder, nicely placed cord slot. I regret not getting the stool. The style is perfect, too!

Fantastic and unique WFH Desk. Great design.

We bought this desk as an addition to the multi room work from home setup. This desk resides in our foyer nook and it gets a ton of compliments. It is sturdy but easily moveable. It has a great style and has plenty of space. We are extremely happy to have found this product.

I really like the compost bin. The wood is especially beautiful and I love the easy to clean stainless steel.

Composting Nirvana

This is by far the best counter top composting bin I’ve ever used and have no idea why it was in the scratch-n-dent section. Their quality standards must be waaaaay higher than my own.

Wonderful texture and design

I ordered this beautiful ice bucket with the intention of giving it to someone as the need to give a gift came up. But as the weeks are going by I notice I still have it in a place where I can just look at it. I guess I’m hoping I won’t have to give it away. Is that terrible of me?

Handmade Wood & Brass Tray

Beautiful box

My husband says he won't use it as a bread box because it's too beautiful but aside from that it looks like it will be perfect in form and function

Great holiday gift

Beautiful craftsmanship!

Just what we wanted!


We are very happy with the samples, great quality. We are finishing the website area where we will have your items listed. Thank you again, have great holidays,

Really cool Menorah arrived just in time!

Everything I have bought from AS is fantastic! Leigh is always a pleasure to work with.

Work Board | Solid Walnut Lap Desk

Cool design and local business

Love Alabama Sawyer and love to talk about them when folks inquire when seeing their log on my shirt!

Beautiful workmanship!

E-learning desk is A+

Well designed, simply beautiful and our kid loves it. It was decorated the second it was put together and she loves working at it. Thanks so much for this desk!

Cutting Board with Handle