Customer Tree Concierge Instructions

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Thank you for your interest!

Here are some important steps to making your tree into a piece to last for generations:

  1. Tell your tree service that your logs need to be delivered to Alabama Sawyer. We call the service as well, but need you to let them know, so we do not lose your tree. (At Gray’s, talk to Kelly in scheduling. Ask for a note on your order that you want the trunk to go to Alabama Sawyer.)
  2. Our mill is on Gray’s Tree Service Lot. Turn left when you come in and go to the very back. The address for the Mill is 3685 Parkwood Road, Bessemer, AL 35023
  3. We like the logs to be cut longer, so there is more material to work with. A 12 foot long is an ideal length, but if that creates something too heavy for the tree service, we can work with what you have.
  4. Logs should be at least 20 inches in diameter to produce enough workable material.
  5. We charge for milling based on the Doyle Scale. This is a standard scale for projecting how much wood your log will yield. Based on this calculation, using the length of the log and the smallest diameter, milling is $1 per board foot or $300, whichever is higher.
  6. We charge $2 per board foot for drying. We only charge to dry the portion of the wood you keep.  
  7. Payment for milling is required before we cut your wood. Payment for kiln drying is charged when kiln drying takes place, which is 6-9 months after milling. Kiln drying can take an additional 3-6 months due to kiln schedules and drying time.
  8. Wood delivery is not included. Once you are notified your wood is dry or product is completed, we can determine the best way for you to get your finished product.