Made to Order

Winston Coffee Table | Square Wood Coffee Table with Bronze Details


The square iteration of the Winston coffee table is is a recent collaboration with resident Birmingham metal artists, along with our bounty of unique lumber from the local urban forest. It imbues this square wood table with bronze details with a richness and tactile pleasure. 

Inspired by Japanese shou sugi ban finishes, that we use on our hyo table and beam bench. We developed our own hardware to enhance the beauty and function to start a new lineage of work.

Available in standard dimensions or to custom specifications, this wood and bronze coffee table works for a luxe, residential living room or indoor sitting area. The ultra low sheen urethane finish makes it durable, but natural looking for a boutique executive lounge. With elegant design and clean lines, modern and comfortable, each piece is masterfully crafted to delight and endure. This urban wood coffee table is a treasure and a must-have.

Dimensions: 48" x 18"H Shown in White Oak