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Live Edge Walnut Wood Slab Coffee Table with Turned Legs | Cahaba Table


Live Edge walnut slab tables have a unique and natural aesthetic that can make them the centerpiece of a living room. Sleek maple legs are hand turned on the lathe. Named after the Cahaba River, natural irregularities of this natural walnut slab are embraced and highlighted as the unique features of this one of a kind table, including mottled surface area and bark exclusions.

The Cahaba River is the longest substantially free-flowing river in Alabama and is among the most scenic and biologically diverse rivers in the United States. 

The low sheen urethane finish makes it durable for boutique waiting room, sitting area or executive lounge. A Live Edge slab, like the Cahaba table can complement modern, clean lines, organic forms, and eclectic aesthetics, from minimalism to maximalism, bringing in natural warmth and texture.