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Hexagon Bread Box with Removable Lid in Urban Wood


The bread makers spoke and we listened. The Hexagon Wood Bread Box adds a hint of luxury to the home kitchen as its six sides fit a freshly baked boule perfectly. Tiny magnets hold the solid wood top in place. Smoothly carved handles allow for ventilation to provide the perfect environment to keep bread fresh for days. A modern, stylish addition to your traditional bread-making ritual.

Boule, from French, meaning "ball", is a traditional shape of French bread resembling a squashed ball.  Boule Lumber is cut from a complete log. It is sawn into slices and then reassembled (stacked) back together to reform the shape of the original log. No kidding!

Keep loaves of bread fresh and artisanal crusts crispy with this display-worthy bread box. Perfect for styling a kitchen that really bakes and it's an excellent gift item for a sourdough practitioner. Breathtaking urban wood has been reclaimed from our local urban forest to make this artisan piece, which is both eco-friendly and an exquisite work of craftsmanship.