Unique Wooden Ice Bucket in Blackened Cherry


Make your gatherings festive with Mid Century Modern flair with our cherry wood ice bucket is lovingly crafted from Birmingham's urban trees. Its modern, geometrical styling will make a sleek statement on your countertop. Perfect for sipping or store ice for your favorite libations with this barware beauty. The clean, octagonal shaping and design evokes a warm, sophisticated and modern vibe that compliments many an interior design style.

The American Black Cherry tree, Prunus serotina, was called the “rum cherry tree” by settlers in the Appalachian Mountains, who used the fruit to make a potent liquor and extracted the inner bark to make tonics and cough medicine.

Made in USA. Eco-friendly, urban wood is complimented by an American-made stainless steel insert and blackened steel handle. Expert craftsmanship means it built to become tomorrow's collectible heirloom.

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